Jiaxing Vita Food Additives Co.,Ltd.

Core Product

Calcium gluconate

Product name:Calcium gluconate Synoyms:299-28-5、Calcium D-gluconate、Calciofon、C...

Zinc gluconate

Product Name:Zinc gluconate Synonym:4468-02-4、Gluconic Acid Zinc(II) Salt、Zinc ...

Gellan Gum

Product Name:Gellan Gum Synonym:Gum gellan; E418; [D-Glc(β1→4)D-GlcA(β1→4)D-Glc...

We are a high-tech production enterprises with the combination ofscience, engineering and trade. Long term commitment to food nutrition fortifier of R & D, production, service, we keep close cooperation with many domestic universities, has a full set of imported products detection system and automatic process of informatization management of microencapsulated equipment production lines, production adopts 100000 grade purification workshop, the full implementation of HACCP, GMP management system, used by the leading pack wall (unique supramolecular multiple embedded) technology.